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VITEC Deploys IPTV Video Streaming System at Laguna Seca, MotoGP World Championship

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VITEC Deploys IPTV Video Streaming System at Laguna Seca, MotoGP World Championship
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VITEC Deploys IPTV Video Streaming System at Laguna Seca, MotoGP World Championship
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Quote: "The requirements for live streaming for a MotoGP Championship are extremely high. We are glad that we were able to find such a competent partner with VITEC. Their products exhibited great video quality and enabled us to stream the race with no visible delay to key areas throughout our racing facility." Gill Campbell, CEO/general manager Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca *The Background: In July of 2013, VITEC partnered with Mazda Raceway/Laguna Seca to provide their end-to-end IPTV video streaming solutions, featuring TurboVideo™ technology for Low Latency streaming, for the Red Bull U.S. MotoGP. The Red Bull MotoGP is held on a 2.24 mile, 11 turn track in Laguna Seca and is the world’s premier motorcycling championship with the largest spectator attendance of any race held at Mazda Raceway. The Challenge: This outdoor, high speed event posed some challenges with high performance Superbikes racing at well over 100 mph and being able to capture the action in real-time and stream back to monitors located throughout the expansive racing facility with virtually no delay. A major challenge for Mazda Raceway was their existing complex set up which uses analog cable for video feeds. All feeds had to be combined in one location for cable distribution to monitors throughout the racing facility. Their existing RF Cable infrastructure not only delivered unsatisfactory video quality to the monitors but also minimized their flexibility for their outdoor live event. They came to VITEC for best-in-class options for higher video quality, more flexibility for field gathering and controlling their content at the event. The Solution: VITEC provided an end-to-end IPTV video system that displayed pristine High Definition H.264 video with very low latency, live to Monitors throughout the track. The solution was comprised of its modular system with two types of encoding and streaming platforms; the MGW1100, a True Carrier grade encoding system, handled the multiple feeds from a central location while distributing the feeds throughout the complex, and the solid state MGW Premium encoders which added flexibility to their infrastructure and minimized their cabling worries by allowing location-specific encoding. The digital video stream management and viewer experience was controlled through the award winning EZ TV platform. The combination of the VITEC EZ TV portal and management solution and the VITEC IPTV Set-Top-Box provided easy and highly proficient management for playback on Mazda Raceway’s visitor and administrator monitors and provided low-latency playback to TV’s throughout the venue. The VITEC IPTV solution was able to dramatically improve the video quality of the track's current video system allowing the fine detail of the race to be seen in high definition digital video while taking advantage of the many features our IPTV system provides.