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Vitec - Bringing Video Content to Desktops in the Financial Industry

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Vitec - Bringing Video Content to Desktops in the Financial Industry
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THE CUSTOMER: A leading international financial services company with thousands of branches and tens of thousands of employees in Europe, the Americas and the Far East. THE NEED: This large and geographically dispersed organization needed a way to effectively communicate with its employees throughout the world, while providing them with essential real-time business news and financial information. Its analysts and traders also needed convenient, up-to-the-minute access to breaking news that might impact financial markets. The financial institution was committed to expanding the availability of video as its primary medium for internal messaging and was seeking a solution that could be used to simultaneously, reliably and securely deliver management updates, corporate training and intra-organizational messaging. In addition, the solution was to be integrated with other real-time video services such as video conferencing for use by branches around the globe. THE CHALLENGE: For any financial institution, security is paramount. Our client needed to be able to control video content delivery, ensuring that each specific broadcast or on-demand program was accessible only to the appropriate branch offices, groups, or individuals. The system needed to securely manage content distribution rights across countries and regions. Because successful trading is largely dependent on real-time information, the system needed to be absolutely reliable and provide excellent video quality. As a dynamic, well-established institution, the organization needed a scalable and modular solution that could accommodate services across multiple branches worldwide and for all employees. The system also needed to be flexible enough to enable branches to add video and TV services in the future. THE SOLUTION: To meet its unique and stringent needs, the financial services company opted for an VITEC enterprise IPTV solution. Based on VITEC's MGW 5100, MGW 1100 and MGW 1000 encoding and streaming platforms, the system simultaneously processes and streams live TV channels, internal VOD, live organizational events and more. The distributed system reflects the organizational structure of the financial institution, providing independent local control of the regional system on each continent as well as robust, real-time communication across the entire organization. Each regional system fully complies with local broadcast regulations and manages distribution rights for local branches. The regional systems are linked via the bank's secure worldwide fiber network, ensuring a high level of security and content integrity. The VITEC MGW video processing platforms encode, transcode and transrate local and network video content to ensure best video quality, and simultaneously stream up to 26 real-time SD channels to bandwidth-efficient MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) or MPEG-1/2 SD formats. Access to each video channel can be controlled on an employee, group or regional basis. The flexible modular system can be easily expanded to accommodate additional employees and video services. The MGW IPTV platforms' advanced redundancy features ensure high system reliability, so mission-critical financial information is always available. TAKING IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL: With the corporate video processing and streaming system in place, the financial institution is now planning to upgrade from its legacy playout system, which utilizes dedicated TV monitors to display financial information and news broadcasts, to VITEC EZ TV System. EZ TV System is an advanced application suite that empowers organizations to deliver live and on-demand video over local and wide area IP networks.It enables users to simultaneously view a variety of video content in a single view or 4, 9, or 16 mosaic view at their desktop or TV, with no need for dedicated hardware or software. EZ TV provides permission-based access to TV channels and VOD content for employees or groups.