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Vitec - Sport Club Video Archive and Multi-Channel Distribution Platform

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Vitec - Sport Club Video Archive and Multi-Channel Distribution Platform
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THE BACKGROUND: Founded in 1899, Werder Bremen has won multiple football championships and is one of the most established and best known German football clubs. To strengthen the relationship with their fans and utilize their own video assets internally, Werder Bremen wanted to archive and make available all video content to multiple user groups for many different purposes. Before they could do this they needed to update to a digital video archive system with an integrated workflow that started with recording content and ended with many means of distribution. THE CHALLENGE: Just managing large amounts of video content from the premier league games is challenge enough, but with additional needs to organize and archive minor league games, training camps, and scouting events while importing valuable metadata from different sources dramatically increases the effort and time required to deliver video for club and fan use. Beside managing video content and metadata Werder Bremen also had requirements to integrate with the AVID Media Composer NLE workflow and provide managed access while being easy for anyone in their video department to use. It was obvious that Werder Bremen needed a robust and seamless solution not only to meet all of the key requirements, but also to improve work?ow while decreasing time for content delivery. THE SOLUTION: Werder Bremen chose VITEC’s Focus FS-T2001 and the Proxsys Media Asset Management Solution to address their recording, ingest, storage, organization, and distribution needs in addition to giving their fans the ability to access and download club video through many different access channels. The FS-T2001 was selected for its portability, recording and ingest capabilities. The FS-T2001 can directly record their events to an XDCAM EX format which allowed for an uncomplicated ingest method without transcoding. This feature effectively reduced workflow time while providing a source to directly push content to Proxsys archive and AVID NLE via network. The Proxsys Media Asset Management solution was chosen for its ease of use, extensive features and capabilities. For long term archiving and reducing cost of ownership, outdated content is automatically migrated to LTO-5 tape library. The Preview clips always remain online, so users can still browse with full performance. Proxsys allows Werder Bremen to ingest all of their old content, easily ingest new content, and provide safe and reliable long term storage on LTO tape. Metadata is the key to managing the Club’s large amount of media that are specific to Sports and Football. The use of timecode based tagging is mandatory not only to quickly find the match where a top player scored twice but also to easily find the other clips where significant events or actions happened. The ability to easily search and access video makes the daily life of the media department of Werder Bremen effective. The Proxsys archive solution provided them an easy to use, but sophisticated search capability to find any content quickly. To strengthen and increase the fan experience Werder Bremen utilizes the Proxsys multi-channel distribution which integrates directly into their site.