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Peerless-AV helps Washington state resort engage its patrons with colossal direct view LED display setup

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Peerless-AV helps Washington state resort engage its patrons with colossal direct view LED display setup
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The Challenge

Northern Quest Resort & Casino, located in Spokane, Washington, offers luxurious accommodations, Vegas-style gambling, a spa, and over one dozen restaurants, bars, and lounges. One of the most popular spots in the resort is EPIC Sports Bar, a comfortable sports bar featuring upscale pub fare. Open daily at 7 am, EPIC’s guests can enjoy viewing sporting events at any time of day – breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Like all sports bars, EPIC’s crowds and varying event types make high quality displays a must for patrons. However, constructing and maintaining a large screen was a challenge. The bar originally relied on an old TV screen, which was then upgraded to a movie screen and two sizable projectors that would play content. However it was difficult, if not impossible to clean the screen and when the HVAC system was in use, the screen would shake. Further, the projectors proved to be quite noisy and replacement costs were astronomical.


The Solution

With these issues in place, Northern Quest Resort & Casino decided to seek out a digital signage option for EPIC that would best showcase sporting events and entertainment, while meeting the resort’s high aesthetic standards.

In summer 2017, the resort began conducting research, turning to its longstanding installation partner, YESCO, for help with the project. YESCO next sought to find a display and mount that would best meet EPIC’s needs. Based on past experience and a strong partnership, YESCO selected Samsung for its IFH LED displays. With trusted recommendations, along with video wall expertise, quality hardware, and a comfortable price point, YESCO chose Peerless-AV as the mount manufacturer for the project.

An additional benefit of working with Peerless-AV was SEAMLESS by Peerless-AV®, the company’s LED video wall integration program that provided start-to-finish support throughout the project. Peerless-AV’s dedicated SEAMLESS LED Solutions Team sets the bar for high quality design, incorporating a dynamic group of structural and mechanical engineers, product managers, project managers, installers, and sales and service personnel, which were all available to YESCO and Northern Quest Resort & Casino.

YESCO set out to install a 10-foot high and 30-foot wide Samsung IFH display using Peerless-AV’s DS-LEDIF Mounting Solution for Samsung Smart LED Signage. To hang a display of this size, the giant mount used measured at six cabinets high and 19 cabinets long.

Peerless-AV’s mounting solution was designed exclusively for Samsung’s IF Series Smart LED Signage. Key features of the solution include:

·       Height Adjustment: Overcomes installation irregularities to assure the LED pixels are aligned.

·       Depth Adjustment: The entire mount creates one flat plane, regardless of wall imperfections.

·       Lightweight Design: Aluminum frame is easier to install and minimizes the wall load.

·       Quick Assembly: Predetermined adaptor rail locations speed up the assembly and minimize the errors.

·       Modular Design: Unlimited video wall display configurations available.

·       Precision Engineering: Tight tolerances and wall plate spacers assure the cabinets are properly positioned.

·       ADA Compliance: Low profile design meets the requirements for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) certification.


The Installation & Results

Installation in the busy bar began in August 2018, with two main challenges: a very heavy display and an uneven wall. With a display weighing almost 1,500 pounds and a crooked wall, engineers were required to complete back bracing, which involved tearing into the sheet rock to install support kickers to the studs. Once the wall was deemed safe to handle the weight of the giant TV and mount, the wall was then patched and installation commenced.

The next challenge to focus on was the uneven wall. A key factor in ensuring perfection on a crooked wall is the height and depth adjustments of the mount being used. Overall, Peerless-AV’s mount proved easy to install – the displays simply slide in and fit together perfectly, like a puzzle. To mount these colossal displays, two lifts weighing 16,000 pounds each were utilized. Finally, the video wall was configured for viewing sports, the type of content that is displayed 90% of the time.

Working together, YESCO and Peerless-AV mastered the installation of the mount and display in just three days. Since installing, patrons have noted the enhanced aesthetics, with new customers in awe of the ability to watch 6 to 8 games on a screen of this size. Northern Quest Resort & Casino is equally thrilled to showcase a video wall that not only offers cost savings on maintenance, but also is representative of its high quality brand. YESCO also spoke highly of Peerless-AV’s mounting solution and team.

According to Brent R. Smith, Branch Manager, YESCO, “Peerless-AV offers vast benefits above other AV manufacturers – they provide the full package. The mounting solution made it easy to slide the LED displays in; it’s truly a great solution and is much more aesthetically pleasing than the previous solution. It’s also less expensive to run, saving costs long-term. Plus, the SEAMLESS by Peerless-AV® team is there every step of the way, a keen benefit. We look forward to exploring what else we can do with Peerless-AV!”

Due to the success of the project, discussions surrounding future installations with Peerless-AV and YESCO are in progress.


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