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PTZOptics provides high-quality video conferencing and broadcast cameras with HDMI, HD-SDI, USB 3.0 and IP Streaming. Our approach to video camera manufacturing focuses on value. We strive to provide best in class features at affordable prices while we extend our reach with open source camera controls, free Crestron/Extron programming modules, and amazing technical support.

Model: Move SE

The PTZOptics Move SE combines HDMI, SDI, USB and IP outputs – plus NDI®|HX3 upgradeability – all into a single camera. Ideal for live streaming and video production, the Move SE offers high-quality v
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PTZOptics 20X Move 4k Sample Footage
Posted on Friday, November 18, 2022
987 views 3 weeks ago PTZOptics is excited to introduce our new 4K PTZ cameras. The PTZOptics Move 4K camera is perfect for any video production that requires 4K resolution. The new 4K PTZ camera provides 4 times the resolution of 1080p HD, making it ideal for any application that requires high-quality video. The Move 4K 20X camera also features a wide field of view and a fast frame rate...